Thandai Cake Rusk Recipe with Chai | Milk and Cardamom

Thandai Cake Rusks

A good cup of chai can fix any problem, but a good cup chai and a good tea biscuit can turn any crappy day better! For me, I have a couple of tea accompaniments that I love, Parle G biscuits and cake rusk. Cake rusk is like biscotti, but instead of twice-baked cookies, it’s twice-baked yellow cake. It’s super buttery and soaks up chai without falling apart!  Continue Reading “Thandai Cake Rusks”

White Chocolate and Cardamom Cookies

White Chocolate & Cardamom Cookies


Christmas is almost here! I love this time of year! I look forward to taking part in cookies exchanges to raise money for No Kid Hungry. This year I participated in The PinterTest Kitchen‘s Cookie exchange! I sent off my delicious cookies over to Allison from The PinterTest Kitchen, Deanna from Seduction in the Kitchen (oo la la!)  and Megan from The Emotional Baker. These white chocolate and cardamom cookies are my go-to cookies during the holidays. Their chewy, smell amazing and are so unique!  Continue Reading “White Chocolate & Cardamom Cookies”

Cinnamon Gingerdoodles

Cinnamon Gingerdoodles

Growing up, I hated ginger, with a passion. My mom would make chai with tons of ginger in it when it was winter time and I’d refuse to drink it. The burn just was too much for my tiny pre-pubescent taste buds. Oh how things have changed as I’ve grown older. I feel like there are so many flavors and ingredients that I’ve grown to love. Some things I’m now obsessed with but used to hate are: cilantro, turmeric, and eggs (yes, I hated eggs, the texture always just threw me off).

This year I decided to go all in with ginger with these cinnamon gingerdoodles! A tiny riff on a snickerdoodle!

Continue Reading “Cinnamon Gingerdoodles”

Chocolate Espresso Cookie Cups

Chocolate Espresso Cookie Cups

This entire recipe was inspired by these sprinkles from Sprinkle Pop that I bought off of! I’ve seen the “bespoke” sprinkle mixes everywhere on Pinterest and Youtube, so I figured I’d get a bottle! Let me tell you, it is GORGEOUS. Normal sprinkles seem so basic now! I also had some leftover espresso frosting from a cake (and I hate throwing away frosting!) and I figured cookie cups would be the perfect vessel for both the frosting and sprinkles.  Continue Reading “Chocolate Espresso Cookie Cups”

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Science Behind the the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Every family has their go-to family recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and mine is the Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe with a few tweaks here and there! It seriously makes the most perfect cookie in the world. Yes, I am that confident! They’re chewy, soft, and have that perfect bakery-baked flavor! Making this cookie all comes down to science and baking!  Continue Reading “The Science Behind the the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie!”

Pistachio Cardamom Tahini Cookies

Pistachio Cardamom Tahini Cookies

So, I’ll be spending the next two weeks by myself. My husband moved out to the east coast yesterday to pursue his dream job at Sidewalk Labs in NYC while I stay out here and focus on my career in SF. We set up a nanny share for Elara, but it won’t start until mid-June, so he took Elara with him so that my mom could look after her until then. I’m going to miss my cuddle time with my baby but this also means 2 weeks of me-time! (I’m trying to stay positive here!) My plan is to go shopping, bake tons and eat as many warm meals as I can get!   Continue Reading “Pistachio Cardamom Tahini Cookies”

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