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Bao Bhaji

Bao Bhaji

According to the responses I got from my Instagram story yesterday, a lot of people dream about food. I’m not the only one who dreams up new recipes and dishes late at night! I like to keep a running list of all the crazy things I’ve come up with in my dreams. Things like a thandai tres leches hybrid cake covered in boondi or a shrikhand creme brulee pop into my head and I keep thinking about them until I make it! Last week I had a dream about a fluffy steam bao bun filled with spicy pav bhaji top with crunchy sev and lemon-y onions. Yesterday, I made that dream come true.  Continue Reading “Bao Bhaji”

Tomato Fennel Soup

Tomato Fennel Soup

One of my all-time favorite savory flavor pairings is tomato and fennel. I know Italians have been onto this for a long time, but I’m fairly new to this combination. I only got turned onto it recently because I bought some pasta sauce seasoning from Pike’s Place Market in Seattle that contained fennel seeds. I loved how the sweetness from the fennel seeds combined with the tart tomato sauce! I am now forever ruined and now fennel seeds can make or break a pasta sauce for me. I know fennel is one of those ingredients where you either love it or you hate it. In this soup, the fennel’s licorice flavor isn’t as strong. I honestly think you could even make a fennel-hater a believer with this soup!  Continue Reading “Tomato Fennel Soup”

Cheese Stuffed Mushroom Burger

Cheesy Mushroom Burgers

Disclaimer: I was compensated by Urban Accents for this post. As usual, all opinions are my own! 

It’s summertime which means it’s grillin’ time! Every year when I go to a backyard barbeque I’m always praying that I won’t be having a sad, flavorless, soy patty burger. Nothing is sadder than watching all your friends with juicy, yummy-looking burgers while you eat a greyish soy veggie burger. Seriously, it sucks!
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10 Minute Scallion Noodles (Peanut Free)

10 Minute Scallion Noodles (Peanut-Free)

Disclaimer: I was compensated by SunButter, as usual, all opinions are mine alone!

I’m back with another quick and easy dinner/lunch recipe! This super quick and easy scallion noodle recipe is a great go- on those busy nights where you’re looking for something simple but extremely flavorful! The best part is these noodles is that it’s peanut-free!  Continue Reading “10 Minute Scallion Noodles (Peanut-Free)”

Vegan Teriyaki Fried Rice

Vegan Teriyaki Fried Rice

Disclaimer: I was compensated by Veetee Rice, as usual, all opinions are mine alone

I officially got back to work this week! I’ve freelanced for the past two years, which was great and all, but, I really missed human interaction! I joined the team over at Chewse as an account manager! Luckily, I get to be surrounded by my first love, food, every single day!

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